Црн прајмер кој содржи отопувач па физикално и хемиско го суши и обезбедува прилепувањето помеѓу стаклото.керамиката и лепилото за стакла. Служи и како UV заштита.

За припрема на стаклени, керамички и лакирани, како и површина за ситопечатење. Служи и како PU активатор за PUR остатоци, PUR предслоеви (PAAS) и RIM околни вбризгувања  (нпр. PVC, PUR).

Кат бр: 6180

Употреба  :Before application of the primer, it should be noted that the bonding surface is to be cleaned so that it is clean and free of grease. We recommend cleaning with Liquiclean 1599 or Cleaner and Thinner in the bonding area of the bodywork flange as well as the windshield and for the ceramic screen printing. Additional cleaning with Liqui Moly Window Cleaner Foam is required to remove all contaminants. Shake primer well (at least 45 seconds after the steel balls have worked free in the case of aluminum bottles) before use.
This product is moisture-sensitive. Remaining contents of the sticks and 30 ml containers are to be disposed of after being used once. 100 ml containers which have been opened must be closed again immediately after extracting contents and used within 3 days.

Пакување : 10 ml


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