1K-PUR  препарат за поправка на предни стакла, со висок модул и некондуктивни својства. наменет е за користење на новата
1K-PUR препарат за поправка на предни стакла, со нормални кондуктивни својства. Докажан  OEM квалитет. Брзо и силно лепење. Наменет е за користење со новата генерација на темелни бои. Може да се користи по 1,5 часа, ако автомобилот нема или има еден ербег. Во случај со два ербега, треба да се чека до два часа.


За директно глазирање  на автомобилто во комбинација со новата генерација на темелни бои


Кат бр : 6136

Примена : 1. Cleaning agent
The surfaces to be bonded have to be dry and free of oil, dust, grease and other dirt residues. The glass surface or the ceramic coating has to be cleaned with Liquiclean or cleaning and diluting agent, Item No. 6130, and then with the glass-cleaning foam Item No. 1512. Also the car body flange or the newly painted car body parts are to be cleaned that way. We recommend cleaning the cut back residual adhesive bead with Liquiclean or cleaning and diluting agent as well. Before the sealant is applied, or before the glass surface is bonded, the cleaned holding surface has to have dried completely.
2. Priming / activation of pre-coated glass panes
Active Primer is necessary for the priming of the holding surface, when glass panes are to be bonded. The Active Primer is included in the delivery of the glass pane repair set as 10 ml stick. Prior to use, shake Active Primer well for at leas 45 sec. Within the bond area, Active Primer can universally be applied on the cleaned glass surface or the ceramics silk screen, on the clean painted surface of newly painted parts of the car body, on the cut back residual adhesive beads, as well as on pre-coated glass panes (PUR and RIM coating). Apply Active Primer sparsely and uniformly (wet film has to have a thickness of approx. 0.05 mm). The primed surface has to dry for approx. 15 minutes before the glass adhesive is applied.
If the residual adhesive bead has been cut back more than 6 hours ago, a pre-treatment with Active Primer is mandatory.

Пакување : 310 ml


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