Специјално активен растопувач за чистење на типични нечистотии и наслаги во подрачјето на висот и пригушните заклопки. Ги стопува и отстранува масните наслаги и нечистотии како што се масло, чад, итн. Гарантира функционалност на подвижните делови и ја намалува потрошувачката на гориво. Ја зголемува работната сигурност на дизел моторите.

За чистење на комплетниот всисен систем. Прикладное з апримена само во дизел мотори.


Кат бр 5168
Употреба Create access to the intake system. This should be as close as possible to the engine and downstream of the air flow meter. Start the engine to start cleaning. If the engine cannot maintain the speed with the intake pipe removed or cannot be started, disconnect the plug from the air flow meter with the ignition switched off. In this case, the stored fault must be deleted from the engine control unit after cleaning using a suitable diagnostic device and the air flow meter must be taught in again if necessary. Spray the Diesel Intake System Cleaner into the intake system via the spray probe in short intervals of 2-3 seconds at min. 2,000 revolutions. Move the probe back and forth in the process to clean the entire intake tract. If a speed increase of more than 1,000 revolutions occurs during application, it is important to stop the spraying process immediately. Make sure that the Diesel Intake System Cleaner does not come into contact with the air flow meter or painted components. In the case of stubborn deposits on the EGR valve, in the intake manifold or on the intake valves, cleaning can be repeated with a second can. Do not remove the spray head from the can again after assembly. After use, allow the engine to run for about 20 seconds at min. 2,000 revolutions in order to burn any residues remaining in the intake system.
Содржина 400 ml
Пакување 6
Tип Aditiv Proline


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