Selling oil

10 tips for successful oil marketing in the workshop

  • Offer the products of a well-known oil brand and also make this visually clear.
  • Use informative and advertising materials such as posters, brochures, oil-change labels, flags, advertising boards, window decorations, etc. from this brand.
  • Work with an oil brand that offers you a complete oil product range, meaning the right motor and gear oil for every vehicle.
  • Make sure that the products you use meet the current technical specifications and are approved by the vehicle manufacturers.
  • Bring your technical knowledge and skill to bear.
  • Check the oil level on every customer vehicle.
  • Offer your customers advice, taking into account the vehicle and the individual vehicle operation.
  • Use technical and economic selling points to convince your customers about the higher quality and therefore more profitable synthetic motor oils.
  • Offer your customers an engine flush before the oil change.
  • Use the designs and equipment for fresh oil supply and old oil/container disposal.